Healthy Home Resources for 2021

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At the end of each year, I love to go back and look at the past year.  I do this even with my healthy home.  I reflect on the things that I’ve changed over the past year and what new things I’ve learned.  I also look at some of the ways that maybe I’ve become a little too relaxed in my home.  And finally I plan for future changes and improvements. 

At the end of the year I thought I would compile all the information I put out over the last year and stick it in one place: here in this blog post. What I love about doing this is that there are just SO many areas of a healthy home that you can work on.  And more often than not, it’s actually working on ourselves too. Many of the ways I’ve improved my home to be healthier over this past year is more about changing my mindset and my habits before I change my environment. 

Each of these areas below can help you either start working on yourself or your healthy home. These topics will make it easier for you to keep going with a healthy house or get started, wherever you are.


Sometimes I think it’s beneficial to understand the toxins we’re trying to avoid in a healthy home.  Once you understand where a toxin is inside your home and how your body is affected, it makes it easier to discover your “why” and ultimately willingly make changes necessary to your home:

Room by Room Topics

Sometimes it’s easier to change just one room at a time.  I often encourage this method as there are usually a handful of rooms we spend the  most time in and it can be beneficial to detoxify just one space to support our health and wellness.  When we take on too much it can be overwhelming, preventing us from moving forward.

Healthy Home Products

The products we bring into our healthy home can be a great way to cut out toxins that are brought in more frequently.  A lot of times this boils down to being  aware of the ingredients and materials inside products before we buy it.  And in order to do this, we often have to be researching and learning prior to buying.  

Kids & Babies

Our kids and babies are not just miniature adults.  They are drastically more affected by the environment around them in terms of their health and wellness.  If you have kids or babies at home, you can be extra precautious around things like what they eat off of, their bedding and their toys.  A healthy home can be an incredible way to support their immune system.

Essential Oils

I love essential oils as an alternative to synthetic fragrances.  I use oils in my home, but it’s important to know JUST how to use them in a safe and effective way. I’ve put together some resources for anyone wanting to use oils at home or oils with kids.  

Cleaning & Healthy Home Tools

Getting rid of toxic dust and ensuring your home is free from added chemicals is an essentially free way to detox your space.  These posts over the last year are all about cleaners that you should ditch, ways to clean without adding toxins and some really great ways to reduce toxic dust at home.  

Your Wellness

Because our lives are multifaceted with so many moving parts, we sometimes need to focus on more than just one space in our home.  Our home is all about supporting our health and wellness, which can mean a multitude of things.  These posts are all about more specific ways to support your body’s immune system and protect the systems within your body.

I hope this round up makes it simple and easy to find ideas to reduce toxins in your healthy home.  My goal is to take away the fear that revolves around environmental toxins and give you a plan to reduce them where you can and improve your space.  By improving your space you can positively support your body and your overall health and wellness.

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