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My entire life I’ve been what I refer to as a serial learner.  Meaning, I love consuming information, learning and reading — sometimes more than the actual application of what I’m learning.  My journey to create a non toxic house is no exception either.  Finding health books and top podcasts in the toxin free space has not only been incredibly fun for me, but has also helped me on my journey.  

I’m not the type of person to just follow one person’s advice and call it a day.  I absolutely love finding a mix of different ideas and advice and following bits and pieces from each one.  This is how I make our non toxic house goals work for our family.  By taking the ideas from health books and concepts taught in top podcasts I’ve found ways to customize my family’s plan to create a toxin free lifestyle.

When I first started out on my journey almost 8 years ago, there really wasn’t a lot of information out there.  I remember scouring Amazon for a few books and managed to find just a handful of health books that addressed non toxic home spaces.  Since then the importance of a toxin free home has become well known and much more of a focus.  And with the emphasis on non toxic home spaces, there has come with it many new resources in health books and top podcast episodes. 

Health books that give practical advice and make it easy to create a plan for your non toxic improvements to your space is definitely an effective tool to have in your back pocket.  I’m so excited to share with you some of my favorites in this post.


First and foremost, I think it’s so important to understand why health books and top podcast series in the non toxic home space are so helpful.

For starters, it’s a great way to keep up on current information, I think this is especially true of top podcast episodes.  Podcasts are usually based on current information and have some great expert interviews.  These experts are often in a field related to toxin free homes or non toxic living and they’re truly living this lifestyle every day.

Second, health books about the environment at home will often help you understand the fundamentals of how to create a healthy living space. These fundamentals and basics are the building blocks of creating a functional, healthy space.  Without being able to understand these concepts about indoor air quality, moisture and VOCs, it can make the process of reducing toxins much more difficult and burdensome .

over 35 of the best podcasts and books about creating a healthy and non toxic home environment


Detox Your Home by Christine Dimmick:  The founder of Good Home Company discusses how to limit exposure to toxins in your home while she dives deep into specific toxins.  She covers the clothes you wear to the cleaning products you use.  This book is a good starting off point for your home’s journey.

The Non-Tinfoil Guide to EMFs by Nicolas Pineault: This book doesn’t tell you to avoid all electronics and your cell phone. Instead, it’s a guide book on how to use electronics and gadgets safely.  This book is filled with science based research and very realistic tips to avoiding EMFs where you can.

Toxic Free by Debra Lynn Dadd:  She is the OG of toxin free homes and really paved the way for so many others in the non toxic space.  This is one of those health books that focuses on basic understanding of toxic chemicals paired with tips and DIY formulas.  She bases it all on scientific research.

health books that will help you reduce toxins in your home and create a healthy lifestyle

Toxic Home Conscious Home by Rob Brown: This one is a really good hands-on guide book that you can return to again and again.  The unique blend of Dr. Brown’s western medicine with conscious choices you can make for a well balanced approach to creating a low toxin space at home.

A Healthy House by Paula Baker-Laport:  This is one of the health books that I started out with. It covers how to construct your home from the frame to furnishings in a healthy, toxin free way.  This is a superior guide to anyone wanting to learn more about building biology and how to apply it to their current home.

Still: The Slow Home by Natalie Walton:  One of the most BEAUTIFUL coffee table books that offers a visual journey through homes that embrace slow living.  This book will give you ideas on how to create a beautiful space that follows the slow living philosophy.  Great for minimalist homes and families.

the top 20 health books about creating a healthy home from a low toxin expert

Home for the Soul by Sara Bird: Sustainable decorating book that deserves to be out on display.  The beautiful images will give you design ideas that are thoughtful and conscious.  The rooms photographed invoke a feeling of peace and offer earth friendly decorating options that anyone can use in their home.

Journey to a Non-Toxic Home by Sarah UmmYusuf: This health book is a very detailed and organized journey through products for your home.  It helps if you’re feeling that nagging overwhelm about switching out toxic products throughout your home. She writes with the very same style as her blog, Nature’s Nurture, which feels like a conversation.

Non Toxic: Guide to living Healthy in a Chemical World by Aly Cohen: I love that this health book addresses not only non toxic alternatives for your home, but also how to identify potential threats to your home environment.  The book covers EMF radiation, drinking water and even the food we put in our bodies.  It’s definitely a whole-life approach to toxin reduction.

Low Tox Life by Alexx Stuart:  Alexx is another pioneer in this space of low toxin lifestyle changes.  She not only addresses how to change your home in a simple, stress-less way, but she also offers plenty of information on greenwashing and an overall ethical lifestyle.  This book encourages not only a healthy home, but a healthy earth.

the top toxin free living books to have at home

Better Basics for the Home by Annie Berthold-Bond: There are no claims in this book that you can be completely toxin free at home.  But instead, offer recipes, buyer’s guides and alternatives to reduce toxins wherever you can. This book is great if you’re looking to reduce your consumerism.  Beware though — the recipes and ingredients are a little on the “crunchy” side.

Plastic Free by Beth Terry:  Going plastic free can feel super overwhelming given the amount of plastic we come in contact with on a daily basis.  But this book gives some practical guidelines to get yourself on the right path along with the inspiring story behind the author’s own plastic free journey.

Slow Death By Rubber Duck by Rick Smith & Bruce Lourie: An eye opening book that discusses and reveals all the ways we are being poisoned by the toxins that surround us.  And while it can be disheartening to discover just how toxic our world has become, they also offer some simple ideas to reduce toxins and exposure to chemicals in your own life.

The Healthy Home by Dr. Myron Wentz & Dave Wentz:  I love that this book is organized by spaces in your home and how to make very practical changes in each space.  There are ideas you can implement right away when it comes to habits and products and then there are ideas that you can implement over time to reduce toxins through products and components of your home.

now to create a non toxic space at home with these top resources in podcasts, books and online

The Toxin Solution by Dr. Joseph Pizzorno:  THIS is one of my FAVORITES.  Not only does it address how you can completely remove some toxins, but it gives you advice on how to help your body process unavoidable toxins.  Because we know that there are some toxins we can’t avoid, this book helps you adjust your lifestyle to account for those exposures.

Simply Living Well by Julia Watkins: This is a reference book you’ll be going back to again and again.  With lists for swaps, recipes, DIY projects and ideas for sustainable upgrades, there isn’t an area of your life and home that will be untouched.  One of the health books that is actually pretty enough to leave out and inspire others as they flip through.

Children and Environmental Toxins by Philip & Mary Landrigan:  This is a must read of all the health books if you have kids or grandkids.  If nothing else it gives a new understanding of the environmental factors that impact a range of childhood issues like behavior, obesity and birth defects.  This one zeroes in on food and water chemicals as well as home and school toxins

health books and top podcasts about creating a non toxic healthy home


Practical Non Toxic Living with Sophia Gushee:  A toxin free living expert herself, Sophia brings in doctors and experts on a variety of health topics from indoor air quality to EMF exposure and essential oils.  These episodes are timeless and you can go back and listen to some of her first ones to get a good base of understanding.

Detox by Design Podcast with Megan Mikkelsen: This top podcast is geared towards moms and how to make safer decisions for your home when it comes to your family.  She talks a lot about personal products and cosmetics but also dives into the problem with greenwashing and lack of regulation.  A conversational approach to living a low toxin lifestyle.

Non Toxic Environments Podcast from The Green Design Center:  Think of your Saturday morning radio show that discusses home improvements.  But now all the products are with low toxin materials and healthier for your home.  Andrew Pace interviews experts and talks about his own experiences in low toxin improvements.

Maison Pur with Molly Hill: If you’re interested in learning about a plethora of home products, beauty products and holistic approaches to your family’s health, this is the place to be.  Each episode of this top podcast is easy to listen to as Molly effortlessly converses with her guests to give you more information on non toxic space.

top podcasts to help reduce toxins at home

The Missing Pillar of Health Podcast with Emma Rohmann:  Chock full of science based information on how to clean up your home and your life.  Emma focuses on women’s health as well as protecting our hormones and endocrine system.  Each episode is between 20 – 40 minutes, which is perfect to listen to even if you’re short on time.

Healthy Home Design the Podcast with Kate Hamblet: This is SUCH a unique podcast in that it discusses the bones and structure of your home as well as the components we add to our homes that can contribute or take away from our overall health and wellness.  Kate is a licensed architect and brings so much to the table in terms of practical information.

the best toxin free home podcast series that you can listen to for free

Blooming: A Healthy Home By Design with Sheila Alston:  Each episode covers another part of the home environment.  She’s a realtor that focuses on creating low toxin environments and experiences for her clients and homes.  Being a guest on Sheila’s podcast has been SO fun as she asks the questions most of us are also wondering about homes.

Her Holistic Space with Natalie Mel:  Quick and simple episodes that you can listen to in just 10 – 15 minutes.  Each one is perfect for taking one idea or concept and making a tangible change in your home.  Even if you’re not a homeschooling mom, you can gain a lot of insights and strategies from this top podcast.

my top 35 books and podcasts to help you create a healthy home environment

Healthy Home Hacks with Ron & Lisa Beres:  This husband and wife duo have been sharing information on healthy homes since before it was popular.  Each episode includes an interview with an expert discussing a different area of your home and a different area you can improve to reduce toxins and reduce body burden.

Healthy Home Take Control with Jilian Prichard Cooke & Marla Esser Cloos:  These two are filled with information and knowledge that screams to be shared with homeowners everywhere.  Their interviews with experts are easy to  listen to but also offer so much advice on how you can improve your own space now and in the future.  Grab a notebook and write out a plan for your own life with this one.

Low Tox Life with Alexx Stuart:  With over 200 episodes, you can find just about any topic you’re looking for when it comes to a more holistic approach to life and home.  Plus, her Australian accent is an amazing addition to these episodes.  Her topics have broadened to food, parenting and other health issues, but you can dig around to find specific information on your home environment.


And then there’s Healthy House on the Block. There are SO many ways you can learn on my site and blog that will go hand in hand with the top podcast and health books I shared previously.  Learning is such a multi dimensional experience now with videos, text, audio and workbooks.  There’s definitely something for everyone.  

Where to Start:  On my website I have a handy little page called “Start Here”.  It not only eases you into creating a healthy space,  but it also gives you a few great starting points based on what your interests are. Simply click on the down arrow of each category to see links to specific information about that topic.

online workbooks

Printable Resources: I am a workbook queen when it comes to improving ANY area of my life.  I know that the pen to paper method works best for me while I’m processing changes to an area of my life or home.  This is why I’ve created printable worksheets and guides that you can download and use again and again.  Some of my ABSOLUTE favorites are the Mini Home Detox and the Room Detox

green companies

Product Guides & Trusted Brands: I wanted to give my clients and you, my readers, a place where you could find trusted brands and products for your home without having to do an overwhelming amount of research.  I’m constantly updating this list based on my research and my personal experience.  Head to my Resources Page to shop around and find exactly what you’re looking for.

youtube channel about healthy home practices

YouTube Channel: I know that we all learn differently — some of us like to read and some of us learn better by watching.  Each week I turn my blog post into a visual presentation and video that you can watch either in my post or on my YouTube Channel.  They’re 15-20 minutes of ALL the same information you’d read in my post.

healthy house university

Healthy House University: My multimedia database with TONS of information broken down into individual rooms in your home.  Each section has videos, workbooks and links to research and studies that support the information I’m teaching.  If you’re ready to jump in with both feet and get one on one help from me, this is the place to be.  You can join the waitlist and get notified when it’s open for enrollment.

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