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What You Can Expect

I encourage my clients to walk with me during a home inspection to ask questions and learn about their new home. A typical home inspection is about 3-4 hours depending on the size of the house. Some home buyers stay for a portion of the inspection and some stay for the whole thing. It’s up to you and how comfortable you feel with your new home.

I will inspect all the home’s systems while making notes and taking digital photographs and videos. I will then write a detailed report including these photographs, videos and notes and email it to you within the next 24 hours. (Please note that a short-term Preliminary Radon Testing Device must be left for at least 24 hours, therefore a report for Radon may be delayed).

​If you have questions after the fact, I’m always available to answer them or direct you to the right contractor to answer very specific questions and concerns.

My Promise to You

As a homeowner, I will inspect your home as if it were my own. I understand the stress of a real estate transaction and the anxious feelings of moving to a home with new systems. If there is ever a question I cannot answer, I will research the concern. I won’t guess or assume when it comes to concerns about your home. I will go thoroughly inspect your home and help you understand any unfamiliar systems and walk you through fixing any concerning items.. I am available for any questions and concerns you may have down the road in owning your home.

What Sets Me Apart

With a background in both the construction industry and legal studies, I bring not only knowledge about house systems and concerns, but also extreme attention to detail. My inspection process is extremely thorough as I look for current issues as well as potential future problems in your new home.

I love helping home-buyers, and I put a high priority on customer service and communication. I want to give you an accurate snapshot of your new home with all the facts. A detailed inspection will give you the advantage you and your realtor need when purchasing your home.

Included in Every Home Inspection

Every home inspection of a house and it’s systems includes:

  • Roof
  • Structural Components
  • Attic, Ventilation and Insulation
  • Exterior Cladding
  • Porch & Deck
  • Attached Garage & Driveway
  • Foundation
  • Electrical System
  • HVAC System
  • Plumbing System
  • Windows
  • Flooring, Walls & Ceilings