EMF Free Smart Baby Monitor: Part of a Healthy Nursery

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EMF Free Smart Baby Monitor: Part of a Healthy Nursery

While sometimes I wish it wasn’t the case, we live in a wireless and very “connected” world.  As someone who spent my teen years navigating this brand new technology or the internet and cell phones, I feel like I’ve really gotten to experience both the beauty of a mostly technology free lifestyle as well as the convenience of the world we live in today.  And while I think we’ll never go in reverse and go technology free, I think that we are learning ways to better use technology and make it a safer experience, especially for our children.  From the time we bring our babes home and use a smart baby monitor next to them, we’re constantly exposing them to wireless emissions in our homes.

In becoming a building biology practitioner, I learned so much information on EMF, or electric magnetic fields and how they affect our health and wellness.  One of the first things a mentor told me when delving into this topic was to move our baby monitor as far away from the crib as possible. I remember thinking about that for a long time and that’s when I began to do my own research.

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At the time there wasn’t a healthy option for a smart baby monitor.  The only option for a safe baby monitor was an old style analog monitor, which even back in 2015 I was unable to find in good condition.  We resorted to moving the monitor away from the crib and at that point I chose not to worry as I felt like it was a bit out of my control. This is the way I continue to handle many of the changes I’m just not able to make at home.  I do my best to change what I truly have control over, and any improvement I’m unable to make I choose not to worry about.

But over the last few years, one of the products that’s become available to families is a zero wireless emission smart baby monitor and baby monitor camera.  Bebcare is an innovative brand that emits 90% less emissions than typical monitors.  And because we keep monitors in close proximity to our babies, this product could be an INCREDIBLE healthy house improvement for your space.

You know me, and you know that I am a firm advocate in understanding why a change needs to be made and HOW our environment at home affects the health of our families. And EMFs and wireless emissions are no exception.  


EMF stands for electromagnetic radiation — but what IS this? It can be a bit of a confusing concept if you’re not well-versed in the terms and how this science works.  I know I was completely blind to this type of toxin in my home for many years, and while I have a much better grasp on what it is and how it affects my family, I feel like because technology is ever-changing, so is my understanding of EMFs.  EMFs are created anywhere that electricity is generated, used or transmitted.  Because of this, you can understand that EMFs weren’t truly a problem in terms of our health until 100 or so years ago.

It’s also important to understand that there are naturally occurring magnetic and electric fields within our earth, but their emissions are so much lower and obviously MUCH less frequent than the EMFs caused by our man-made electronics.

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Electromagnetic field is an area created by the motion of an electric charge (positive or negative).  If the charge is stationary, or not moving, it creates only an electric field.  If the charge is moving, it also produces a magnetic field.  In other words, an electric field is produced whether a device is turned on or off.  But as soon as the device is on, it also produces magnetic fields.

But what about all of our wireless devices and technology?  Bluetooth technology and smart devices use Wi-Fi and emit wireless emissions throughout our home and spaces.  The closer we are in proximity to these sources, the more exposure we experience. But all bluetooth devices, including baby monitors emit electromagnetic fields constantly as it’s working to show you real-time footage of your baby.

Wireless emissions, which is caused by the use of Wi-Fi, is actually a form of radiation called radiofrequency radiation or RF.  RF is a form of electromagnetic radiation that we often introduce to our homes with the use of cell phones, bluetooth devices and devices that connect to our Wi-Fi.  

wireless emissions and your baby's health and safety


While I do believe that we’re finding out more and more about electromagnetic fields produced in our home all the time, I also think that many of us turn a blind eye to discovering potential health effects.  It’s definitely easier to just use our technology the way everyone else does and choose to ignore that there could be long term ramifications to our health.

Babies and children are more susceptible to most toxins and dangers, and EMF radiation is no exception to that general idea. So often we think of babies and kids as miniature adults, but the truth is that they have unique developing systems that aren’t just smaller versions of our adult systems.  They are unique to children.

Babies especially have thinner skulls that protect their brains and less dense skin that protects their organs.  I also mentioned this a few weeks ago,  but it serves to be mentioned again; the blood brain barrier that serves as a protection mechanism to the brain is not fully developed in children and allows toxins and free-radicals into the bloodstream.  (Study discussing children’s higher risk of toxin exposures).

A 2011 study showed that the specific absorption rate of EMF for children is over two times greater than the absorption rate of adults due to the bone marrow that is undeveloped in  children.

Another factor that comes into play is that children are exposed to electromagnetic waves over a longer lifetime than most of us adults.  And because of this we don’t truly know the health implications and likely won’t understand it fully for quite some time. (Reference)

emf and your baby's development and growth _ plus how to limit emf and wireless emissions in the nursery


The exposure of RF-EMF type of radiation has been linked to lower cognitive scores and slower cognitive development in babies.  (STUDY).  This is because of the fatty substance that surrounds the neurons in the brain that is rapidly developing between birth and age two. This substance is called Myelin, and the development of this tissue has been shown to be affected by exposure to EMF.  EMF exposure deteriorates myelin in the brain, especially when not fully developed, leading to slower cognitive development. (RESOURCE)

EMF has also been classified as a possible carcinogen to humans by the World Health Organization.  Specifically, it was researched in regards to brain cancer. More definite studies and research will likely lead to a more conclusive claim. (RESOURCE).

Exposure to wireless devices has also been linked to memory problems, delayed learning, attention and behavioral problems and ADHD in children as discussed in this study of EMF. This study specifically uncovers the issues with EMF and RF, which are emitted by bluetooth and wireless devices, such as baby monitors.  

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An  in depth research paper written on the health impacts of Wi-Fi EMF exposure showed that melatonin was lowered due to exposure, which led to sleep disruption and insomnia. This same research paper cites sources linking endocrine disruption to EMF exposure, specifically the production of progesterone and estrogen. 

As adults and parents, the truth is that we are responsible for protecting our babies and children in whatever capacity we can.  And upon learning more and more information about EMF exposure and the detrimental effects it can have on children and their development, it can be argued that we need to make a change in creating a safer environment at home for our kids.

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For those of us who like to have a smart baby monitor because we’re either outside and need to hear our baby, or we want that peace of mind at night, you don’t have to give up having a monitor.

Bebcare has come out with  a smart baby monitor that does not emit high doses of wireless emissions. I was so excited to discover this company and their products.  We could have chosen to do a baby monitor without a cameron, but because we had such a unique situation with Cameron and his feeding tube, we knew that it would be essential to have a baby monitor camera.  In the same breath, I also wanted one that emitted the least EMF waves possible.

Bebcare as a few different products that are all low emissions baby monitors that will both give you peace of mind as well as leave the nursery a safe space:

WiFi HD Baby Monitor:  Use your smartphone and connect it to a 1080p secured camera.  The background white noise silencer means you won’t hear tiny sounds.  You can also use the two-way talk back to calm or comfort your child. This has a range of 650 meters and 70 hours of battery life

Digital Video Monitor: Use a camera and monitor device to watch your baby while they sleep both day and night. This has a range of 650 meters and 70 hours of battery life.  This monitor also has the white noise silencer to minimize small noises.  You can check the temperature and use a night light and optional breathing sensor with this monitor as well.

Digital Audio Monitor: This audio device can track your baby’s breathing and the room temperature as well as offer a clean, crisp sound.  Use this one up to 2000 feet away from the sound device.  The white noise silencer will help reduce the small noises that don’t need to disturb you while baby and you sleep.

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