Healthy House Consultations

Create a healthy living space through a one-on-one consultation and individual plan for your your home, project or remodel.


Got a question or need some expert guidance on one topic? Purchase a mini consultation and get your question answered within 48 business hours by email. 

Simply type your question into the comment box and I’ll get back to you with guidance, advice or product recommendations.


Are you ready to overhaul your home?  Or maybe you just need help with a particular area like cleaning products or furniture.  

Whatever your need is, you can get the help you need to guide you to the right decisions and habits for your family.  I’ll help you choose products and furnishings that are perfect for your family and healthy to protect your wellness.

Each consultation comes with a customized workbook for your needs with information and links to products.


Take your home project to another level by opting for healthy materials that will not only prevent toxins from coming in, but likely help you replace toxic materials and improve your living area.

I work with you to provide materials, building componenents and finishes that are toxin free and healthy for your family based on your specific project. 

Each consultation comes with a customized workbook that you can use to find the products I recommend.


A home remodel, large or small, is a great time to replace toxic materials in your home with healthy, sustainable options that will hep you create a safe and healthy living space.

Our consultation will allow me to provide you with recommendations for toxin free materials, finishes and products that you can use in your remodel.  We can also discuss additional ideas you may need guidance on for your home.

Each consultation comes with a customized workbook that you can provide to a designer, contractor or use yourself when finding materials.


Why not start from the ground up with a healthy home?  If you’re unable to find a green or healthy builder, let me help you and your family make plans to create a healthy home space. 

The workbook you recieve is perfect to provide to your contractor and designer throughout the process of building your home.  

Our consultation will help narrow down exactly what you need in your home and I find products, materials and finishes to meet your specifications. 

Virtual Healthy Home Environment Consultations can be done anywhere in the US.