How to Create a Toxin Free Daily Routine

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    It seems like everyday there is new information about health problems caused by toxic ingredients in our home and health products. If you’re like me, you’re still surprised to find out the sheer number of toxins we allow into our homes every day in these items we use.  Every time I see a new study on an product I use either every day or multiple times a day, I know that THIS is the next thing on my list of things to clean up and remove from my everyday life.

    There’s an importance in changing something that is used multiple times throughout the course of a day.  These are the items that are affecting our bodies in a real way. Using a product over and over means your body never gets a break from it.  The toxins continue to build up within our systems, causing symptoms of underlying health problems.

    But what if we gave our bodies a break from these toxins and began to heal? Our bodies are amazing in the sense they begin to heal.  They will begin to become more sensitive to the toxins we’ve been desensitized to in the first place. You’ll begin to know when you’ve been exposed to something that isn’t natural and healthy for your body.  

    We all know what it’s like to feel burdened down by something in our lives, and it’s a very restrictive, unhealthy feeling.  By reducing the amount of toxins in our daily routine, you can begin to be unburdened. You begin feel free and light — how God created us.

    My tip is to go through your daily routine and find the products you’re using the absolute most.  Change those first and then move down the list to find other products that get a lot of use. Beth Greer has a great way of categorizing these products: The food that goes in your body, the products and clothing you put on your body and the products and environment that surrounds your body.


    I am not a nutritionist and I don’t claim to be an expert in food.  However, I am trying to live my healthiest life and I have enjoyed learning from nutritionists and experts in this area.  And believe me when I say I don’t eat perfectly. I’m a busy mom and yes, we do have snacks with sugar. And no, we don’t at a 100% clean diet.  I’m all about balance. I don’t necessarily try to keep all the sugar out or make sure my kids snack on just fruits and veggies.

    But one of the things I DO try to keep in mind while I’m shopping is keeping out processed foods.  We try to use real food that is unprocessed. This often means not buying a whole lot out of the boxed and snack section of the store.  Most of what I buy at the store comes from the produce department, and the refrigerated areas. Anything that has a list of ingredients filling the back of the box or package I try to avoid.  The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in the US doesn’t regulate chemicals and processed foods as well as consumers might think.

    And unfortunately it’s not good enough to buy something that looks like it might be healthy.  Product labeling can be very deceiving, so you have to be careful. My mom always says, “If Grandma doesn’t know what the ingredient is, it’s probably not healthy.”  And truthfully, I take a lot of my cooking and eating philosophy from my sweet Grandma. Being raised on a farm they ate more natural foods. The food she still cooks is made with fresh ingredients and the recipes are more simple, but so good.  

    As for sugar, we do eat sugar and we do have sweets.  This is all about the balance I speak of. We have minimal amounts of sugar and I try to use real sugar, raw honey or natural maple syrup as a sweetener, as opposed to a processed version.

    As I mentioned, I’m no food expert, but these sites below are AMAZING for recipes and ideas to help you limit processed foods in your home:



    Personal care products like soaps, lotions, shampoos and conditioners can be filled with parabens and other chemicals that disrupt and hinder hormone production. Because these products are in direct contact with our skin, they play a very important role in our health and wellness.  Skin is our largest organ and it absorbs anything it comes in contact with. Soaps and lotions we use gets absorbed into the skin and heads to the bloodstream. From there any toxin travels directly to our organs, and begins to burden the body.

    Parabens found in shampoos and body wash products has recently been linked to premature puberty in girls.  Which leads us to believe parabens are a very real endocrine disruptor. And some products actually contain formaldehyde in order to create a longer shelf life.

    In contrast, if you use a lotion, soap or shampoo that contains essential oils, coconut oils or other beneficial components to skin and other organs, they will still be absorbed by skin.  But in this case, our body is being nourished and healed as opposed to being harmed.

    Another personal care product worth mentioning is toothpaste and dental floss.  There is much debate on whether these products should include fluoride or not. Some dentists say your teeth won’t survive without it, and yet I’ve seen stories of families using natural products and improving their oral health. Either way, opting for a toothpaste with the fewest number of chemicals and unnecessary ingredients is always best. I personally use Thieves, and I absolutely love it.  But you could also make your own too. I’ve used basic homemade toothpaste in the past and have really enjoyed it as well.

    Studies about toxins in personal care products:

    Resources for DIY Personal Care Products



    And then there’s beauty products.  These are along the same lines as personal care products, but some of them on a much grander scale as they are used near our eyes and on our lips.  It also includes facial products like masks and treatments. Our skin, again, is our largest organ and we should treat with extreme care, knowing it brings the rest of our body it’s nutrients.

    By using Skin Deep by Environmental Working Group, you can begin to see how your morning routine with makeup can actually be opening you up to massive toxin exposure.  Makeup products are not as regulated as we’d like to think and often contain chemicals, synthetic fragrances and synthetic dyes that are ultimately harmful to our bodies.

    Fortunately there are some really great brands out there that are paving the way for a safer, non toxic beauty routine.  The best practice as a consumer is to do research before buying anything and make sure you’re purchasing a safe and healthy product.  You can even find some of these non-toxic makeup products at drug stores and target. You just have to know what to get before you go.

    If you use perfumes, I recommend switching your routine to an essential oil blend you can make yourself.  This way you can reap the benefits of essential oils and enjoy a non-toxic perfume at the same time.



    Fill 3/4 of a 2 oz Glass Dropper with Organic Jojoba Oil

    Add the following:

    • 10 Drops Carrot Seed Essential Oil
    • 10 Drops Tea Tree Oil
    • 10 Drops Lavender Essential Oil
    • 10 Drops Frankincense Essential Oil
    • 10 Drops Copaiba Essential Oil

    Fill the rest of the dropper with Alcohol Free Unscented Witch Hazel

    ***I use Young Living for my Essential Oils, which you can find here.***


    Another part of our daily routine is cleaning up and making our homes clean.  Unfortunately, cleaning products we use can have harsh chemicals that land on surfaces throughout our homes and become airborne, allowing us to breathe them in.  Being cautious of what cleaners to use at home doesn’t have to be complicated. On the contrary, usually, switching to a green cleaning routine actually means using less products and have a simplified cleaning system.

    Thieves was my first foray into the green cleaning world, and honestly, I could never go back at this point.  I use Thieves on practically everything in my house and I need very few other cleaners. I don’t need to have several cleaners all for different jobs any more — just my one trustee bottle. I have a few other staples, like vinegar, baking soda and a safe tub and tile cleaner, but that’s it.

    With this daily routine of wiping down the kitchen counter or wet mopping the floor, I feel comfortable knowing that I’m not exposing my kids or dog to unwanted toxins.  

    Synthetic fragrances might be a part of your daily routine that you could do without.  Scented candles, sprays and room fresheners often have harmful chemicals in the form of synthetic fragrances.  By switching over to something like essential oils, you can actually provide yourself emotional support and boost your immune function at the same time.

    Below are some of my top resources for taking your cleaning routine green:

    As you list out your daily routine, I bet you’ll be surprised just the sheer number of products you use and come in contact with every single day. By taking the time to reduce unnecessary products and replacing the ones you NEED with safe and non-toxic ones, you’ll be saving yourself from free radicals and harmful chemicals.

    non toxic daily routine ideas

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    1. Krysten Quiles

      This is super helpful, so thank you for sharing. I’ll be pinning it so that I can look back to it!

      1. User Avatar

        Thank you, Krysten 🙂 I’m glad it was helpful!

    2. Angela Tolsma

      This is something I’ve been working towards. Each time I have to replace something I do my best to research it and replace with a toxin free version. It’s not been easy but it’s made a huge difference in my cleaning

      1. User Avatar

        That’s exactly what I do too, Angela. I love having a plan of what I’m going to introduce to my home that is safe. 🙂

    3. Stephanie

      We are working towards a plastic free, toxin free home. I have already cut almost all packaged foods from our pantry, and we are using oils for more things throughout the house.

    4. aisasami

      I am trying to be as natural as I can be, especially with food, as processed foods makes me sick.

      1. User Avatar

        That’s how I am too — I’m definitely more sensitive now that I’ve cut out processed foods.

    5. LoLo

      Lots of useful information here. Every little change adds up to help us be healthier.

    6. Jess

      Some really great points. I too try to avoid sugars and processed meats. Every little bit of research helps make decisions for me. Thanks for sharing.

      1. User Avatar

        That’s great! You’re welcome 🙂

    7. Neely

      I love these tips! We’ve been trying to switch to as many non toxic products as possible

    8. Alexis H

      I have tried for the past year to get a 100% non toxic home and I’m still working on it! It truly is worth switching to!

      1. User Avatar

        It can definitely be a long process. But I find the smaller bites I take of creating a healthy house, the more likely the habits are to stick.

    9. Jessie

      This is something I’m trying to stay conscious of in my house. I always try to get toxin free products, especially cleaning products. Great tips on how to achieve a toxin free home. I’ll pin this for later!

    10. Live Learn better

      I’m still in the process and it can be hard. I feel like the better products are more expensive. But enjoying learning more tips to do just that.

      1. User Avatar

        I think sometimes they are, but sometimes it may be a product that lasts longer, and so it really ends up even in the end. 🙂

    11. GiGi Eats

      I am all for getting rid of that processed GARBAGE in people’s houses!!!! That stuff (IMO) truly is toxic!

      1. User Avatar

        I’m all for that too! Real and whole food is so much tastier anyways. 🙂

    12. Christa

      What a wonderful reminder to be more aware of what’s in the products we surround ourselves with. I think it’s imprtant to take steps to move towards a cleaner routine.

      1. User Avatar

        You’re so right, Christa!

    13. Becca Wilson

      This is some really great advice. We have begun to be more mindful about what we put into our bodies lately.

    14. lorena

      love the post so much information, really helpful, I always try to use as much as I can Toxin free products on my daily routine and triying to share with my family as well.

    15. Melanie williams

      There are some very good points and tips here. I am always up for getting rid of any chemicals in the home xx

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        Thanks, Melanie. I’m glad it was helpful!

    16. Nicole

      Such great information! Thanks so much for sharing!

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