The Best Cleaning Products for Cutting Toxins at Home

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Today, let’s get started looking at the best green cleaning products for your home. I’m continuing on in my 4 part series about being a conscious consumer and being aware of what toxins and chemicals we are bringing into our homes. If you missed out on part 1, (purchasing home goods and home decor that are actually healthy for your environment) or part 2 (furniture options for a healthy home) you can click the links to read them. 

Our homes are filled to the brim with not only things, but also with solutions and products that we purchase to clean, sanitize and improve our home in various ways.  It’s become so convenient to purchase these things as they are at just about every store we run into. And what’s more appealing than a cleaner with a pretty package the promise of a fresh scent?  It’s become far too easy to consume these products and we have no way of knowing what the best cleaning products are. So much so that many of us don’t even bat an eye, but bring it home and try it out.

But I want to encourage you to be the keeper of your home.  In the same way we are the keeper of our bodies in terms of the food we allow in, we also need to be protective of the environment that we live in as well.  By really keeping an eye on what we allow into our precious homes, we can easily and almost effortlessly prevent some of the worst toxins from ever entering our air and our environment.

So where do you start?  It can feel completely overwhelming when you begin to think about this.  Most of us don’t have the time to research every single product we bring into our homes.  Nor do I think this is the key. There’s so much information out there about what’s safe and what’s not safe, but how do you know how current or accurate that information is?  The questions keep going round and round and before you know it you’re overwhelmed and unsure where to start.

Let me help you  cut the overwhelm and begin to wrap some sense around this and let’s make it easy to figure out what to allow into your home when it comes to your everyday products.  I’m about to give you the best cleaning products and homemade solutions to every cleaner and home product you’ll purchase. All you have to do is use these alternatives — no research required.  Are you ready to be the keeper of your home?


The Healthy Home Cure

Air freshener Sprays

We all want our homes to smell nice — and I know this better than anyone.  I used to use scented candles and air freshener sprays constantly to make my home smell fresh and clean.  I would use Febreeze all over curtains, upholstery and carpets to freshen up my house. I wish I had known then what I know now.  I am so thankful I’ve made the healthy changes I have in order to limit and stop the use of these toxic products.

My favorite ways to freshen my home now are with essential oils in the form of sprays and diffusers.  I have loved the way the freshen my home, but also how they promote a healthy body as well. You can learn more about essential oils for your home here.

green cleaning products from target and amazon

Non Toxic Tools & Supplies

Another tool I love is melamine cleaning sponges.  This can help clean your home without any solutions or products at all.  While melamine is not safe to eat off of, I do feel it’s a great alternative to getting rid of tough stains and marks on hard surfaces.  You can simply wash the residue away with a non-toxic cleaner to be sure none of the melamine is left in your home.

I also love using microfiber cloths.  If you get some with silver, you also have a natural product that removes bacteria and disinfects.  

You can find even more additions (like cleaning brushes, the best spray bottles I’ve found and more) for your cleaning caddy in this post.

Cleaning your home with non-toxic cleaners is a great start when you’re beginning to create a toxin free home.  Solutions and products we allow into our homes can really affect the indoor air quality, our bodies and our overall wellness.  By being the keeper of your home and allowing in only products that are natural and safe, you can reduce a large amount of body burden and begin to restore your home to be a place of healing from our toxic world.

how to prevent toxins at home
What are the best green cleaning products to use?

Plant based products are great alternatives to chemical cleaners and so are products that don’t contain dyes or fragrances.  But check this master list first because some products say they’re safe, green or toxin free and they really are not. This master list of green cleaning products will help make finding the safest, toxin free cleaners for your home. Many of these can be purchased at Target or Amazon and are the same price.  

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  1. Shen

    What an awesome and comprehensive list! I can’t wait to build up my cleaning toolkit and try some of these.

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      Thanks, Shen! It’s such a refreshing change!!

  2. Jamie | Staying Home Sane

    We’re in the process of converting our home over to be completely natural & toxin-free! Thank you for this helpful list… I think I’m going to find myself back here referencing it often!

    1. User Avatar

      That’s so great, Jamie! I’m still working on my house too 🙂 It’s a long, but very rewarding process. Good luck — I’m here for any help you might need!

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