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15 Simple Ways to Make Your Home a Healthier Environment for Your Body

You’re about to discover how to support your body’s immune system and overall wellness rather than burdening it down day after day. (Hint: It’s WAY easier than you think)


I so appreciated the clarity that she gave me on non toxic products for our home. I have peace of mind knowing that I've chosen products that are better for our health.
Erin D.
Toxin Free Remodel
I cannot tell you enough how valuable you are, thank you for explaining everything in detail. Thanks again, Amanda!
how to have a healthy house
Julia H.
First Time Home Buyer
This has been my go-to advisor on any topic regarding environmental toxins. I have been on a mission to rid my home of as many toxins as possible. Thank you, Amanda!
Doreen C.
Seasoned Homeowner
I'm grateful that Amanda created this resource, as it is truly applicable to each and every one of us, and can be a missing link in the recovery of health.
Jessica pantermuehl live well collective
Jessica P.
Health Professional

The biggest mistake I see health-minded families making all the time is overcomplicating the process of reducing toxins inside their space.

They’re thinking a home has to be perfect in order to be a healthy space. 

Or worse, they’re not even sure what steps to take because they’re overwhelmed and confused by the amount of information out there.

But this makes TOTAL sense, doesn't it?

We’re bombarded with scary stories about the health impacts of toxins we come in contact with on a daily basis.

And there’s an over-abundance of information online that can be contradicting in nature when it comes to reducing toxins at home.

I wish people knew that creating a low toxin living space doesn't have to be complicated and it doesn't have to make you feel guilty if it's not perfect.

Wouldn’t you want to spend your time and effort on changing the MOST IMPORTANT parts of your home?

I’ll show you in my FREE training 👇🏽