Essential Oil Uses for the Holidays

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Have you ever heard people joke and say, “there’s an oil for that.”  I used to just roll my eyes at this phrase because of how cheesy it was.  But honestly, I kind of feel like the phrase holds true now. Essential oils are so versatile and I use them in so many applications throughout the day.

Winter is an especially hard time on our bodies due to a variety of factors.  First, there’s the fact that we are indoors for long periods of time without opening the windows to allow fresh air inside.  The air inside our homes is often more polluted and filled with more contaminants than the air outside.  Because of this, our immune system can become burdened and bogged down, reducing its effectiveness against bacteria and germs that are so prevalent in the winter.

This is why a few years ago I turned to essential oils to support my whole family’s immune system.  Now, I’m not a doctor, but I am a mom who cannot stand when her family is under the weather. And since we started a very constant routine of using essential oils to support our immune function, I’ve been pleasantly surprised at the outcome.

But poor indoor air quality isn’t the only factor to health ailments in the winter.  Both lack of sleep and stress also play a part in our immune system’s strength. The holidays are notoriously busy and filled with not only our day to day tasks, but we also add on gatherings, shopping, cooking and other to-dos that we squeeze in.  Usually we cut into our sleep in order to get it all done, leaving us a bit run down to begin with. And with the added tasks we feel pressured to do, we’re also likely feeling increased stress levels.

All this isn’t magically fixed by anything, but there are more positive ways to handle the stress, sleep issues and poor indoor air quality.  What I do love, is that I can use essential oils to my advantage during these cold months and support my body and emotions in a positive, natural way.

While I do think it requires a combination of habits and tactics, essential oils can play a role in improving your body and mind this winter.

using essential oils during the winter and holidays


Let’s face it, winter and holidays are the pinnacle for colds and flues getting passed around.  Not only are we at our most vulnerable (increased sugar, less sleep, etc.). This is why our family uses a consistent application of essential oils that specifically support the immune system.

It’s not going to magically make you immune to any illness, but I’m telling you, it will help.  My family went from being sick literally around the clock the whole winter to now getting a mild cold here or there when the timing is just right.

We use our wellness roller of Frankincense, Thieves and Copiaba daily on the bottoms of our feet and up our spines.  Since starting to do this on a consistent basis, every single day, the duration of a cold is shorter, the symptoms are less severe, and we miss out on colds and flues going around all together.  

And take it from me, a former essential oil skeptic: It has positively supported our immune systems and made me a believer. 



winter diffuser blends

Another way we tax our systems during the holidays is with the never-ending air fresheners and scented candles.  These almost always contain synthetic fragrances, which add burden to our already overworked immune system and body.  Synthetic fragrances not only affect the endocrine system (where hormones are produced), but it also wreaks havoc on the immune system of those who have allergies or sensitivities.  

I used to be a complete candle junkie and had them in every room of our house.  I’ve since gotten rid of all the candles, air fresheners and wax melts. And obviously, based on the theme of this post, I switched over to essential oils to freshen my house. 

Not only is this a positive way to support your body and emotions, but you’re avoiding adding synthetic fragrances and chemicals to your indoor air.  Not to mention, you can make the BEST smelling diffuser blends with just a few basic oils. Here are my favorite wintertime blends:

Cozy Home Essential Oil Diffuser Blend

Sweater Weather Essential Oil Diffuser Blend

Winter Wonderland Essential Oil Diffuser Blend

Holiday Snow Essential Oil Diffuser Blend


Oh the stress of the season.  I know for myself, the holidays mean increased stress from additional cooking, cleaning, shopping and events.  While I try my best to keep stress levels down, it is impossible to reduce them completely.  

This is why I use essential oils to both reduce stress and support those happy feelings.  I use them topically in a roller as well as diffuse them in the house. It’s not necessarily a magic solution, but it really helps support my emotional health and wellness.  And when we feel good, our immune system is likely under less stress too. Win. Win.

Essential Oils to Support Happy Feelings:

Essential Oils to Help Feelings of Stress:


With shorter days, you’d think winter would be the time we get the BEST sleep.  But sometimes during the busy months we skimp on sleep, which in turn can affect the immune system.  While I do my best to make sure I don’t take away from my sleep time, it can happen during the holidays or busy seasons.

And if my sleep time is reduced, I at least want to make sure the quality of my sleep isn’t reduced.  I did a whole post on creating a sleep sanctuary to promote an environment for healthy sleep, which you can read here.

But one of the things that I utilize more than anything else are my essential oils.  Using essential oils both topically in a roller and aromatically in a diffuser help me and my family get the quality sleep we need.

I created a sleep roller a few weeks ago on Instagram, just to show you how simple it is to whip up at home.  You can watch that video here.

Essential Oils for Sleep

Sleep Help Diffuser Blends:

My absolute MUST Sleep Roller Recipe: 


Over the past month the weather has gotten VERY brisk and quite windy.  I take my dog for a walk pretty much every day whether it’s warm or cold, and that means my skin gets the brunt of the weather.  Not only does it get dry, but it has a hard time calming down from the wind. I change my skin care routine in the winter to repair the way the the wind and cold affect my skin.

I use essential oils that help with inflammation and help the skin hold onto moisture.  I also use a carrier oil that nourishes my skin in the winter. You can use a variety of carrier oils, but my personal favorite is Rosehip Oil.  I absolutely love the smell, but it also has been good to my skin that is prone to rosacea in the winter.

Dry Weather Serum


Did you overdo it during the holidays?  Raising my hand here as I am usually REALLY guilty of this.  I never mean to, but it happens. I take in too much sugar, enjoy a smidgen too much wine and probably don’t take in enough fruits and veggies.  

To say the least, after the holidays my body is a bit out of whack and needs a reset.  There are some great options to help your body detox and start fresh in January, and some of these essential oils can help do the trick:

What are the best essential oils to detox after the holidays?
  • Cypress: Helps detox the lymphatic system. Helps restore skin tone. Releases toxins. Enhances circulation.
  • Rosemary Helps detox the lymphatic system. Helps increase circulation
  • Grapefruit:  Helps detox the lymphatic system. Dissolves fatty deposits.
  • Geranium: Helps detox the lymphatic system. Helps support hormone production
  • Clary Sage: Helps support endocrine function. Helps release fluid from swollen tissue
  • Digize: Gets the digestive system back in order

essential oils to help you detox after the holidays

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