How to Use Essential Oils with a Premium Starter Kit

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UPDATE:  Over the past few months I have been switching over all my essential oils to Plant Therapy and I’m gradually discontinuing my use of Young Living Essential Oils.  If you’re curious why or what prompted the change, I’d love for you to check out this page. 

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    This last week I had the pleasure of sitting down with a local realtor to talk about some ways you can help create a healthier house.  As a professional certified home inspector I love talking about houses and just HOW to make them a healthy and how to keep them as free from problems as possible.  She’s a realtor who KNOWS houses, and so of course our conversation naturally stayed pretty on topic with houses and how to care for them.

    But she’s also a mom, and as a mom myself, our topic began to shift to taking care of our families in a world where toxins, chemicals and medications can feel pushed onto you and your kids.  We pulled the conversation full circle back to houses and how they can really affect those that live there. As I left, I began thinking a lot about my own house and about my own family’s health and wellness.

    You guys know I’m a certified home inspector and that role allows me to look at houses from a very technical view.  I get to know the systems of a home whenever I’m working and I get to look into the structure during my thorough review.  I love being able to get to know a house on this technical, detailed level. 

    You might also know that I love learning about ways to keep my family healthy and implementing those things in my own life.  For starters, I’ve always been interested in keeping my body and mind healthy. But as I’ve gotten older, had kids and learned more, I’ve started to notice the positive benefits of living a healthier lifestyle, specifically what I surround myself with at home and how we’ve implemented essential oils at home.

    Over the past two years I’ve noticed just how much better I feel on a consistent basis with some of the positive changes we’ve made at home.  And unfortunately, I didn’t even realize just how horribly I was feeling both mentally and physically before I began making changes to my home and routines.

    After ditching as many chemicals as possible in my beauty routines, cleaning products and home products, I started to see that my brain felt less foggy and I felt more in tune with my own body.  I started developing fewer colds and illnesses as well. This was HUGE for me. If you’ve heard me talk in my IG stories about avoiding colds and flues like the plague, then you KNOW what this means to me.  

    Essential oils were a really gradual change for me at first.  But after I purchased my starter kit, I realized that these little bottles of goodness were benefiting my health and my family’s health too.  I started to see some really positive changes both physically and emotionally in myself and my kids.  

    For me everything that relates to my health and wellness boils down to prevention.  I don’t want to have to call the doctor about a cold or flue that has lasted for weeks.  I don’t want to see the physical therapist because I didn’t take care of my body and then decided to take on a physical challenge.

    Instead, I want to take care of my health and wellness now, presently.  I want to keep my body strong and healthy, unburdened by chemicals and toxins.  I also want to take care of my body emotionally and mentally by reducing stress and keeping my thoughts grounded and centered.  My essential oils have not only helped me do these things, but they’ve given me ways to completely get rid of things that were toxic to my home.

    Once I realized that I was the keeper of my home and I got to decide what exactly was brought into it, I realized I also get to choose what I get rid of in my home. Essential Oils were the gateway to me removing all of my scented candles, air fresheners and plug ins.  They also gave me reasons to get rid of my toxic cleaners, soaps and disinfectants. Finally, essential oils spurred on my reasons for getting rid of my toxic makeup, lotions, cleansers and hair care products.  

    While I didn’t get rid of all these things in one fell swoop, I was able to gradually get rid of them and replace them with healthier options.  But I’ll tell you, I didn’t really begin to do that until after I had my premium starter kit from Young Living. Before I received it I was just kind of dabbling if you will.  But after I had a base of oils, I began using them more and more and implementing them into my every day routines.

    I’ve been where you are, wondering if essential oils really are going to help or wondering if I would ever be able to figure out how to use them.  I remember feeling desperate to take more of an “offense” approach to my health and my family’s health and looking for something to help me with that.

    Getting this starter kit was completely life changing for me and I can safely say I will never go back.

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    Lavender:  Most recently I added a few drops of lavender to my four year old’s lovey that she brings to school.  After having a rough go at all day preschool two days a week, it helped her feel better and more calm during transition times at school.  We also add it to dryer balls to make the laundry smell so fresh. At bedtime we have a special sleep roller with Copiaba, Cedarwood and Lavender that gives us sweet dreams.  If you do any clay masks, you can actually add Lavender to it to help calm your skin and promote healthy skin. I add it to a vinegar hair rinse as well, which leaves my hair soft and smelling amazing. I think of all the oils, Lavender is the one we use the most.

    Peppermint:  Can you say pick me up?  We use this a lot in the mornings with Joy or Citrus Fresh to put some pep in our step.  Peppermint Vitality comes in the starter kit, which means it is safe to ingest. I love adding it to a glass of water to calm my tummy and give me a burst of energy.  Peppermint has also been something I add to my toilet fizzies I make, which makes the whole bathroom smell amazing.

    Lemon Vitality:  Lemon alone is an oil I add to a lot of my cleaners and diffuser recipes.  The smell goes such a long way and makes everything smell fresh and clean. Lemon Vitality I add to a glass of water for the most amazing lemon water flavor.  You can also add it to a cup of tea, which has amazing benefits.

    Valor:  This oil has been a complete life saver with the big feelings my daughters have about school or other activities.  We make what we call the “Blue Roller” and Valor is the key oil that makes it a beautiful blue color. It smells so sweet and helps support positive feelings and deal with feelings of anxiety.  I love it in the diffuser and in roller form.

    Peace & Calming:  This oil was number one in my diffuser when my girls were toddler and preschool age.  It brought the high tension down and created a more zen-like environment over all. I love mixing this one with Valor and Bergamot for an amazing smell that helps promote positive feelings.  It’s also a great oil blend for bedtime or after dinner to help calm everyone down.

    Frankincense:  Is there anything this oil can’t do?  It’s amazing for skin care and skin routines with a carrier oil or even on it’s own with a fitment roller.  It has healing properties to skin and helps support a healthy immune system. We use Frankincense in our Immunity Roller as well as in a glow serum for my face.  On top of all this, it is THE most zen oil. It helps me personally deal with stress and ground my thoughts. This oil is in my top three spot for my most used and reordered oil.

    Thieves:  You know my disdain for germs, viruses and bacteria.  I cannot STAND being sick or having someone in my house sick.  I will do whatever it takes to keep my family healthy and keep our immune systems in top notch shape.  With fall here and the flue viruses already going around, we’ve been diffusing Thieves every single day.  We also apply it to the bottoms of our feet and up our spines every morning to start the day. We’ve avoided SO many viruses this past year, and I honestly think a huge reason is because of our consistent use of Thieves oil.  Plus, it smells AMAZING — like fall and Christmas in one bottle.


    premium starter kit oils free young living promotion

    Thieves:  You know my disdain for germs, viruses and bacteria.  I cannot STAND being sick or having someone in my house sick.  I will do whatever it takes to keep my family healthy and keep our immune systems in top notch shape.  With fall here and the flue viruses already going around, we’ve been diffusing Thieves every single day.  We also apply it to the bottoms of our feet and up our spines every morning to start the day. We’ve avoided SO many viruses this past year, and I honestly think a huge reason is because of our consistent use of Thieves oil.  Plus, it smells AMAZING — like fall and Christmas in one bottle.

    Citrus Fresh:  Citrus Fresh is one of my favorite oils for making my house smell amazingly clean.  Whenever I diffuse this, people immediately want to know what that is! I love it for any season when it’s time to freshen up the house.  It’s a sweet citrus blend that will surprise you.

    Raven:  This essential oil blend is for those times when you DO get run down.  It’s great for opening up the airways and getting rid of congestion. Thankfully we don’t have to use it often, but I can’t tell you how thankful I am that we’ve had it on hand the few times we’ve had to get rid of that congestion.

    DiGize:  Tummy troubles be gone.  We have a roller with DiGize and a few other key oils that we refer to as “Tummy Tamer.”  It helps with digestion when applied to the stomach in both adults and older kids.  

    PanAway:  Did you work your body and muscles during that last exercise class?  PanAway is perfect for post workout muscle recovery. I love it for achy muscles or for right after a workout.  Another favorite of ours is to combine it with Stress Away in the diffuser for a root beer scented blend.

    Stress Away:  Stress Away is another one of my TOP oils.  It has a warm vanilla smell that really does seem to push the stress away.  We use it in our Blue Roller as well as in many afternoon diffuser blends. It seems to help with those after school emotions from the kids and we even add it to lovies or to the shower for a calming aroma.

    NingXia Red:  This supplement drink is ALWAYS a staple in our house.  My kids love them and so do I. I use it for an afternoon boost of energy as well as supporting a healthy body.  Mix it with carbonated water or drink it straight — either way it is a great way to get additional nutrients for healthy immune function and physical wellness.

    Thieves Spray:  This Thieves Spray is similar to the household cleaner you can get, but you can stick this one in your diaper bag or purse.  Next time your at a restaurant you can actually make sure the table is clean enough to eat on. It’s plant based and the only warning on the bottle is to drink a glass of water if ingested.  I feel so comfortable using it around my kids and family. We buy a bottle every few months to use as a floor cleaner, kitchen cleaner, mattress cleaner, bathroom cleaner and window cleaner.  It is literally the most versatile product. 

    Thieves Waterless Hand Purifier:  We put this on EVERY day after school.  It’s not a sanitizier and so it doesn’t contain the typical ingredients that a toxic sanitizer has.  BUT, it does purify and is great if your in a pinch and can’t wash your hands. We keep these little bottles in purses, backpacks and in the car for those moments when you should be washing your hands but just can’t.

    Dewdrop Diffuser:  Diffuse all your oils with this easy to clean diffuser.  I have the same one and it is still kicking it.

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    One of the best things about ordering a premium starter kit in the month of October, is you can get my favorite fall scents for free if you build your bundle the right way.  Simply add

    • Thieves Household Cleaner
    • Clove 5 mL
    • Ylang Ylang 15 mL
    • Lime 5 mL
    • Bergamot 5 mL 

    To your order and you’re set to receive these FREE fall oils with your kit

    • Orange
    • Nutmeg 
    • Cinnamon Bark 

    PLUS, you guys I will send you a second diffuser from me for FREE when you get this bundle.  

    Did I mention you get FREE shipping?  I wish this deal had been around when I joined — you get SO many freebies with this one.  And all of the additions will help you replace problematic sources of toxins within your home and support a healthy immune system at the same time.

    If you hang out with me on Instagram or in my private Facebook Group, then you may have seen me share my foaming hand soap recipe last week. (I’ll share my video below in case you missed it!).  It uses these additional oils, which you could add to your diffuser as well for a fall blend.

    fall essential oil recipes and blends


    Friend, you’re here for a reason.  And my guess is that you’re wondering more about oils and you might be searching for some of the same answers that I was searching for.  I have so many resources here to help you understand more about essential oils and more about how they can help you at home.  


    But I also know it’s easier to chat with someone or listen to them too.  I’d love to have you join me for either my IG Video Chat or my Facebook Live this week.  Just click the links below to find out how to join me.

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