Top Etsy Purchases for Eco Friendly Home Decor

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top etsy purchases for eco friendly home decor

One of the more difficult and time consuming pieces of creating a healthy house is finding eco friendly home decor.  It’s difficult to locate items that are truly safe and healthy at everyday stores.  One place that I’ve learned to shop from is Etsy.  I’ve found that there are some really eco friendly Etsy purchases you can make to create a healthier home and decor products.

I’ve written a few different articles about WHY our home decor is so very important to our health.  Really, anything we introduce to our spaces is an important part of our indoor environment.  Everything contributes in either a healthy way or an unhealthy way.  

Materials that contain VOCs, formaldehyde, heavy metals or harsh solvents quickly become dispersed into the air.  The problem with these toxins getting into our air, is that our homes don’t have many air exchanges during the day.  This means that our air inside gets trapped and doesn’t get diluted with fresh outside air, nor do the toxins get disbursed outside.

The second part of eco friendly home decor is improving our textiles at home.  OUr textiles like pillows, blankets and drapes are often coated with chemicals to prevent wrinkles, staining and water absorption.  These chemicals often contain perfluorochemicals and formaldehyde, which are both known carcinogens.  (Perfluorochemicals Study) (Formaldehyde Study)

When we are in close proximity to textiles, even touching them, they off-gas at a higher rate due to a warmer and more humid environment. This is why finding an organic and natural option in eco friendly home decor is such an important part of the healthy house puzzle.

This post about creating a healthy living room space is full of ideas to utilize  home decor that is eco friendly.  This post is also a favorite: How to Style Your Home: Seven Non Toxic Ideas.

shop handmade and eco friendly with the best etsy finds and etsy shops


The first and most obvious reason that eco friendly home decor is a better choice is because you’ll be limiting a toxic substance from entering your home. Being the keeper of your home is truly so important in building a home that is free of as many toxins as possible and cornerstone for your overall health.  The space we spend the majority of our time in must support a healthy body and healthy immune system.

The second reason I love finding top Etsy purchases that are eco friendly and healthy is because I LOVE that these items are made to order or made one at a time and NOT mass produced.  I wrote a post a few weeks ago about fast home decor and how mass produced items are affecting not only our homes, but our world as well. 

And finally, I love supporting small businesses and finding truly unique things.  While I don’t mind purchasing some things from Target or off of Amazon, I really appreciate the unique things I find from other fellow creatives. 

shop eco friendly and organic on etsy with terms you need to use to find what you want



the top search terms to find eco friendly etsy shops to help you create a healthy home

There’s a few key terms that I use to locate top Etsy purchases that fall into the eco friendly home decor category:

  • Organic
  • Natural
  • Eco-Friendly
  • Non-Toxic
  • GOTS Certified
  • Plastic Free

And here, my friends, are my favorite picks for Top Etsy Purchases of Healthy Home Decor

eco friendly home decor

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