Summer Checklist for a Healthy House

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home maintenance for summer checklist

With every season change comes another opportunity to recheck and maintain your home.  Summertime is often a time we tend to focus on the outdoor repairs that come with homeownership simply due to the weather.

And one of the best ways you can continue to keep a healthy home environment on the inside is by taking care of the outside of your home.  Water, moisture and humidity are public enemy number one when it comes to keeping your home healthy and free from potential problems and issues.

Many first time homeowner find out the hard way just how to keep water and moisture away from different areas of their first home.  Often times it takes a leak or a moisture problem within the house to find out what kind of maintenance needs to be done. Homeowners figure out really quickly just where to seal up the exterior after a leak happens.

Summer Maintenance Guide

This Summer Maintenance Guide for a Healthy house goes along with my seasonal checklist series to help you create a healthy house through maintenance.  Many times to create a healthy house we simply remove toxins, but the truth is there’s a little bit of work involved in creating a healthy space by protecting your home as well.

As a home inspector, I see a lot of homes that have deferred maintenance issues on the exterior that end up affecting the interior of the home as well.  I truly believe if homeowners knew exactly what needed to be done, it would take the overwhelming feeling right out of home care and home maintenance.  Even if you’re not extremely handy or you’ve never owned a home before, if you know what needs to be done, you’ll have no problem tackling this list on a regular basis.​

how to naturally cool your home and save money


how to check your home for water and moisture

When my summer list is paired with the other seasonal lists, you’ll be in great shape all year long.  Half the battle is just walking around your home to make sure you’re seeing what’s going on. If you never observe the the areas of your home, you’ll have no idea of serious changes that need to be monitored or repaired.  So if nothing else, just make sure you’re aware of what’s going on around your house and make mental notes about what you see and observe.

Second, you’ll want to do everything you can to keep moisture away from the foundation.  Moisture around the foundation and slab can wreak havoc on the interior situation of the home.  Other areas that you should keep moisture away from are any seams or components of exterior siding such as windows, doors and architectural components around the home.  Third is moisture to the roof area, especially around valleys, chimneys and vents.

Third is really working hard to use less energy over the summer.  Many parts of the country have hot, humid temperatures in the summer and keeping a house cool naturally is the key. The guide below will help you with some great ways to keep your home cool in the summer months and lower your energy use and costs. ​


The best way to keep track of everything is with a checklist and a planning notebook.  I’ve created both in this week’s free download. Here’s what you can expect in this week’s download:

  • Home Project Planner & Budget Guide
  • Summer Cleaning Schedule
  • Checklist of Exterior Items to Maintain
  • Checklist of Interior Items to Maintain
  • Summer Must Have Tool Checklist

You’ll be able to take charge of your home’s condition and actually create a healthier house.

BONUS: Summer Diffuser Blends

Along with creating a healthy home environment through maintenance and work, it’s also important to remove as many toxins as possible.  The easiest switch I’ve ever made is changing out toxic air fresheners with essential oils.  Not only do I truly love the scents and blends, but they have health benefits as well from emotional support to immune support.  Here are my favorite summer blends:

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