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The resources below are trusted brands  for shopping green products for your home, life and projects.  Click any product to go shopping!

Most Trusted Websites to Shop

These online stores are great places to shop for your home and get eco friendly gift ideas. 

MightyNest is a one stop shop for all your home goods from cleaning, to food storage in the kitchen to eco products for kids and pets.

Grove Collaborative is an online shop that helps you find natural and safe cleaning and home products.  Shop trusted cleaning products that won’t have you second guessing their integrity.

Plant Therapy Essential Oils is an excellent resource for replacing your synthetic fragrances with plant-based products that support the immune system and emotional health.

Green Design Furniture is a one-stop shop for everything you need during a home project.  They carry safe flooring options, truly VOC free paint, and other design elements.

Organic Weave is the only maker of hand-made GOTS Certified area rugs shipped to you.  Peace of mind is all yours when you’re purchasing a 100% organic rug from Linda.

Thrive Market is one of the BEST places if your looking to get ALL your home supplies and organic food in one spot.  I have been so impressed by their products and I love ordering from them.

Xtrema Pure Ceramic Cookwear is the healthiest option for cookwear in your kitchen. It’s made of solid ceramic construction that’s easy to clean up and healthy at the same time.

Etsy  is an amazing marketplace online if your looking for handmade ANYTHING.  If you search using terms like “organic” or “natural” you can find items that are a healthier choice for your home.


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