Healthy Living: How to Find Brands You Can Trust

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trusted brands for heathy living

One thing that has come a long way in the past several years is being able to really take control as a consumer and find trusted companies that really support your healthy living habits.  It’s become easier and easier to detect greenwashing and see just how truly transparent a brand is. 

But that doesn’t mean that you inherently know what to look for when it comes to a brand or trusted companies.  

The truth is that so many people don’t know what to look for at all and get really stuck on making decisions themselves about a particular brand or item. 

So often I see people get wrapped up in their own thoughts and second guess their initial decision, leaving them either making the wrong choice, or not making a choice at all.

And while I love sharing my own list of trusted companies for healthy living, I also think it’s incredibly important to teach you just how to find these companies on your own.  Or how to vet a company that you do find.  Afterall, not all companies are who they claim to be, leaving you wondering if you’ve been a victim of greenwashing.  But on the other hand, you can absolutely find a hidden gem when you discover new trusted companies that support healthy living habits.


The sad truth is that not all companies are really who they claim to be.  While I do think it’s more difficult now than ever to live behind a smokescreen, it does still happen all the time.  Trusted companies can be hard to find and you might even second guess yourself when you’re on the hunt for a product or brand.

Greenwashing is when a brand makes claims that have no proof and no merit.  This is especially true for companies who try to say their aligned with healthy living.  For example, calling a product “green” means absolutely nothing.  Green is not a regulated term by any authority, and anyone can make this claim about any product and any brand. 

The same is true of the word non-toxic and plant based.  These terms can mean whatever the brand or company wants them to mean.  And unfortunately, us, as consumers, get the raw end of the deal by purchasing falsely advertised products or trusting a company that isn’t transparent.

Here are some of the WORST greenwashing terms to be aware of when it comes to finding trusted companies and transparent brands:

  • Green
  • Eco Friendly
  • Environmentally Friendly
  • Natural
  • Sustainable
  • Free From/Of…..
  • Non Toxic
  • Recycled Content
  • Conscious
  • Clean
  • Low Carbon
  • Net Zero
  • Ethical
  • No Nasty Chemicals

Without solid proof, certifications or disclosed details, these words are empty claims.

healthy living trusted companies


Besides just the fact that finding trusted companies leaves you feeling good inside, there are even more, solid reasons to find a transparent brand when you’re looking for anything from services to products.

Reduces Stress:  The stress of not knowing IF the brand or company you’re about to use is actually a trusted company can be frustrating.  The second guessing and added research trying to either convince yourself or prove something is stressful. When you know a company is trustworthy and you’ve got solid evidence that they’re a transparent brand with high quality services or materials, you can instead have peace of mind over your purchase.

Healthy Domino Effect:  Trusted companies that support healthy living habits will not only be healthier for you, but likely their products and services are healthier for their employees and the world in general.  Healthy trusted companies will make it a point to be healthier for everyone around them too. 

Non Toxic Products: I guess the obvious benefit to finding trusted companies that really support healthy living is that you’ll find healthy products and services through them too.  There’s nothing better than finding a brand that you can trust and then go to for healthy, non toxic products in your home.  It takes some of the overwhelming feeling out of finding new products for your home. 

Future Purchases: Once you find that transparent brand or trusted companies that offer multiple services or products, you’ve found a source for future purchases or future needs.  It leaves me with a pretty good feeling knowing that I have someone I can contact in the future if I need something because I trust them and I know they’re transparent about their products. It takes a lot of stress out of planning future projects or needing future services for your home to know that you have a list of trusted companies you can refer back to.

the healthiest companies that actually support your healthy living


Brand transparency is essential when you’re looking for trusted companies.  Essentially it means this company gives facts and in depth details up front instead of hiding behind greenwashed terms and claims.

Important Documents are Readily Available: Trusted companies will often have data sheets and certifications readily available on their website.  It’s a great sign when you see downloadable PDFs right on the product pages that allow you to dig in and see a list of ingredients or third party certifications. 

Check on Certifications: Most trusted companies that have third parties test and verify their products proudly advertise this fact.  While not all certifications are equal, finding brands that meet strict criteria for third party certifications like GOTS and GOLS can be difficult to find.  Check into third party certifications by researching what the criteria for them even is before making your decision. 

They’re Open About Their Supply Chain: Trusted companies and transparent brands are totally open about where they source their materials and ingredients from.  While this may not be advertised on their website, it should be something they are willing to share with you if you ask.  

They Don’t Participate in Greenwashing:  Any claim that a transparent company makes should be backed up by evidence of that claim.  If they say their “green”, make sure there are third party certifications that also prove they are.  This is where a little digging might be necessary if they  don’t readily advertise this on their website or product. 


Find an Expert that You Trust: If you have an expert that you trust, chances are they have a list or database with their own trusted companies on it.  For example, I love listening to the Doctor’s Farmacy, and generally, when I’m looking for health related products, I’ll check Dr. Hyman’s list of products and companies first before blindly heading to Google to start my search.  Even here on my own website, I have a list of brands that I trust and use when it comes to healthy living products. 

Check Third Party Websites: Third party websites like MadeSafe or EWG have databases of transparent brands and trusted companies that you can refer to when you’re on the hunt for particular products or services for your home.  Mamavation is another website that has a LARGE number of lists depending on what you’re looking for.  They vet companies and brands all the time, which makes it much easier for you to find as well. 

Read Reviews: While I don’t always put ALL my decision weight on reviews, they can offer some great insight from customers and clients.  It can give you a look into the quality of products and services that trusted companies might offer.  You might even be able to find people recommending the product simply because they love it.

Ask for References:  If you’re looking to hire someone for services, asking for references is always an excellent idea.  Most companies who offer a service can give you a list of customers to speak with about their services.  It’s a great way to get an unbiased feel for the company and what they offer.

It’s Easy to Get Questions Answered:  When you email a company or brand, do you get a clear cut response right away? While this isn’t always a deal breaker, it can be very telling of a brand or company.  A response that answers your questions thoroughly and gives evidence of any claims they make is a sign you’ve found a transparent brand and company.

how to find trusted companies and transparent brands


While I have a whole list of brands and trusted companies that I myself use, these are some examples of totally transparent brands:

Savvy Rest has multiple third party certifications on all of their materials that they use.  From GOLS certified latex to FSC Certified wood.  They offer details on the materials they use on each and every mattress and piece of furniture.  They also frequently share the process of how their products are made on their social media pages.  I have loved watching this company become more and more open about where they get their materials from and how their brand supports the world and their employees.

Green Building Supply sells a large variety of products, but before they do, they test each product for at least a year to ensure there is minimal off gassing.  They offer data sheets on all of the products they sell and they’re committed to helping customers get their questions answered about specific products they might be interested in.

Xtrema is a small, family business that is proud of their high quality cookware and bakeware.  Not only do they share where the materials are sourced from,  but they have third party certifications and reports readily available to ensure the products truly are toxin free.

Aspen Clean is EWG Verified, which is a HUGE certification to have. They also offer ingredient lists right on their website for their cleaning products. On top of this transparent gesture, they also hold multiple certifications verifying their company and brand are standing firm behind their claims of non toxic products. 

ECOS Paints offers an ingredient list right on their website for every single item they sell.  Not only are they certified by third parties, but you can find specific ingredients of each and very paint and sealer they offer. They’re also super responsive when you have a question about their products, offering detailed information.

Healthier Homes is operated by Jen and Rusty and all the products they sell or create are based on the health of the product as well as making  a positive impact in the world. Not only do they have their own paint line (which they have full ingredient transparency of), but they have also curated a list of sustainable, ethically sourced home decor items that are healthy and safe for your home.

Pact Apparel is committed to providing not only fully organic clothing, but they also care about the environment and communities that source their materials and clothing.  They are certified by multiple third parties ensuring their products meet strict standards in terms of organic fibers and fair trade.

When you find a transparent brand or trusted companies, you’ve also found an absolute gem.  Definitely don’t be afraid to dig into companies more to make sure  that you’re really getting a low toxin product or service that supports your healthy living.

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