Over the past few months I have been switching over all my essential oils to Plant Therapy Essential Oils and I’m gradually discontinuing my use of Young Living Essential Oils.  If you’re curious why or what prompted the change, I’d love for you to check out this page. 

If you’ve been around my blog or site for a while, you know that I LOVE essential oils for both home health and physical health.  You may also be aware that I have used and promoted Young Living Essential Oils. That’s where things are changing for me. I’m no longer promoting Young Living and I am gradually phasing out their oils in my home.

This change was one that I really struggled with and one that I really thought about.  Afterall, it took me over a year to even decide to do Young Living’s oils, so switching was a really big deal for me.

It basically boiled down to the fact that I was purchasing oils I didn’t necessarily need or want in order to get free oils and get a commission if anyone signed up for a starter kit.  I realized I had a surplus of oils that I wasn’t using and I was spending a lot of money I didn’t need to spend in order to be a part of an MLM.

I have absolutely NO problem with anyone else wanting to be a part of this, I just felt it wasn’t for me.  I felt guilty telling people they needed certain oils in their life when I knew full well that they could get certified organic oils at a fraction of the cost.  I love sharing my love for oils, but I don’t like feeling like I need to sell them. Thus the second reason for my change.

why i switched to plant therapy essential oils

The third reason was I felt much more comfortable using essential oils that were organic and certified free of pesticides.  While I think a check and balance system in-house is great, I really liked the idea of essential oils being verified by a third party.

As a side note, I should mention that I was super concerned there would be a difference in smell between the two types of oils. In honesty, there really isn’t.  I use Plant Therapy Essential Oils in the exact same way I used my Young Living Oils. and I haven’t noticed a difference. 

This is why I settled on Plant Therapy — which has an extensive Certified Organic line as well as a list of comparable blends to Young Living.  I’m so excited to be saving some money and purchasing only what I really need or want.

I’ll still be sharing with you uses for essential oil recipes and blends, but I’ll be linking you up to Plant Therapy instead of Young Living.

Wondering how I went about replacing my Thieves Cleaner? That was one thing that was a MUST for me to continue using.  I love this stuff and I’ve just stuck with it.  That was the one thing that kept me with Young Living for a long time — I really couldn’t part with it. 

If you’re looking for a pretty equal swap, try  Rocky Mountain’s Tohi Concentrated Cleaner. It’s extremely similar in smell and ingredients.

Why I Trust & Use Plant Therapy Essential Oils

  • I mostly use their Certified Organic line, which is certified by the USDA and third parties for pure ingredients free of pesticides
  • I love that I can buy oils at a fair price that isn’t inflated due to an MLM
  • All batches have a specific code that I can find the testing reports for ANYTIME.  I love their transparency!
  • I just buy what I need now instead of worrying about getting a “free oil” I may not really want or need.
  • Free Shipping!
plant therapy essential oils