Got Home Projects in Mind?

Toxin Free Home Projects

is the most comprehensive workshop for learning about and actually creating a healthy home with the right materials and practices.

Come join me as we pop open the hood of toxin free building materials for your home and make it a truly healthy space with each and every project you do.

The truth is a healthy home actually perpetuates a healthy body.
You can't expect to be healthy living in a sick environment.

But so many of us don’t even know where to start. 

We’ve never been taught how to create a healthier home or how to find toxin free building materials for projects that will make your home healthier in the long run. 

So many of us are trying to heal our bodies in sick environments or even maintain a higher level of health and wellness in a home that is actually making us sicker and sicker.

One of the biggest mistakes I see otherwise health-conscious families make is that they miss the opportunity to make their ENVIRONMENT healthier while doing their home projects.

But this make sense, doesn’t it?  Were you in the know about toxins inside your home when you bought it?  Or have you been working hard to get more information (and sometimes winding up more confused) on toxins and how to reduce them inside your home?

What if I told you that it's actually easier than you think to remove toxic materials from your home and replace them with low toxin or even toxin free materials?

Would you jump at getting a list of toxin free building materials?

Or maybe you're concerned about the cost of choosing healthier materials...

Remember that you get what you pay for and in general low toxin materials are also higher quality materials.

And although some materials can be a bit more costly, most of them are in line with the costs of conventional products.

Praise for The Toxin Free Home Project Mini Course

“I so appreciated the clarity that she gave me on non toxic products for our home. I have peace of mind knowing that I’ve chosen products that are better for our health.”

– Erin D., Tennessee

Plain and Simple: The Toxin Free Home Project Mini Course is a STEAL


Get set up today for only


You could keep Googling toxin free products for your home space and spiral down endless rabbit holes, or you could get all the information you need in my Toxin Free Home Projects Mini Course.

Because here’s everything that’s included in this mini course:

(1) Toxin Free Building Materials Workbook

This workbook is a living copy — that means it is constantly updated with new toxin free products and materials.  We’ve even removed some products due to ingredient changes.  It includes every building material you could think of from adhesives and caulks to bathtubs and drywall.  And you have lifetime access to it.

(2) Home Project Planning Worksheet

This is the exact worksheet I use for myself and with my clients.  It will hep you plan every item you need for your project and you will even have a chance to create a realistic timeline and budget with this worksheet.

(3) Video Training to Help You Choose High Impact Areas and Projects

There are some remodels and projects that are going to help you reduce  more toxins than other areas.  This training walks you through how to identify areas that have HUGE potential for toxin free changes to be made and help you choose what home projects will be the most impactful to your health and wellness.

(4) Video Training on Working with Contractors

Unfortunately the truth is that contractors are typically not well-versed in toxins or the healthy living space.  That means it’s up to you to guide them through your project and provide building materials for them to use.  This can be a difficult road to navigate, but I’m here the WHOLE way.  From hiring your contractor to working with them, you’ll get complete guidance.

(5) Video Training on HOW to Shop for Toxin Free Materials

You may want something super specific for your project — whether it’s a faucet that goes with your project perfectly or a super distinct flooring option.  When this is the case you’ll need to know HOW to shop for toxin free materials on your own.  This training will guide you through how to navigate building materials on your own now and in the future.


Access to me through a consultation at this level is worth $425...

But you can get ALL of the downloads, training and my guidance for just $47 today

It actually can be this easy to create a healthy home through home projects. 👇🏻


You're ready to embrace full health and live unburdened

Whether you’re healing from an illness or just trying to prevent future health problems, your health is priceless. The home you live in will play a HUGE role in your health and wellness as it’s the environment surrounding you the majority of the time.  By eliminating toxins from your home space, you give your body the chance it needs to naturally detox and heal from toxic burden.


You're tired of spending time researching and deciphering advice

Research and educating yourself on toxins can be a full time job in and of itself.  But it’s also important to know just WHAT to bring into your home and what to LEAVE at the door.  My lessons give you the guidance you need without the overwhelm of researching products and solutions all on your own.  You’ve got me in your corner to guide you.


You know the time is NOW - because waiting is not the answer

The toxins you come in contact with NOW will affect you in the future and so THIS is the time to eliminate as many as you can to preserve your health and wellness.  Quality of life is SO important to our mental health and even those around us that we care for on a daily basis.  By taking care of your own health right now, you’ll have more to give in the future as you live life to the fullest.

Just know that a healthy home is what you make it . . . And you have the power to transform your health and home during any project (big or small) with me by your side.

In fact, it is one of your biggest tools to supporting your physical health and overall wellness. And it’s a mark so many of us miss until it’s too late.

I know that the term “healthy house” feels ambiguous – and it’s often surrounded by confusing terms.  I also know that a healthy house can feel completely unattainable due to time, budget or a set-in-stone lifestyle habits.

But I’m here to tell you that I take a different approach because I WANT you to succeed in creating a totally sustainable lifestyle that doesn’t become overwhelming down the road. 

I’m not here to just recommend products or get you to do a total overhaul of your home.  The truth is a healthy home takes time – and that’s okay – and a healthy home looks different for everyone

No matter if you feel  like you’ve got a PERFECT understanding of a healthy home environment, or this game is TOTALLY new to you – my step by step guides and lessons are going to meet you where YOU are. 

I’m a firm believer in teaching you HOW to do things in your own home (not just giving you a to do list of tasks).  I’m here as a guide for you as you move along this journey of transforming your home.

And I’ll let you in on a little secret — there is no 100% toxin free, totally healthy house – there’s no way it could exist.  And so I’m here to get you as CLOSE to a toxin free home as possible.

I want to give you the knowledge I’ve learned and the research I’ve done so you can use it in your own home and to your own advantage.  

I truly want you to leave that trail of google searches behind and know that YOU can do all of this with me by your side instead of wondering if you’ve made the right choice. 

I can’t wait to meet you, guide you and cheer you on inside Toxin Free Home Projects: The Mini Course.

Wishing you well,