Call (651) 395-7330 to Schedule Your Mold Test

What you can expect when you call for mold testing in Minnesota:

  • Quick scheduling
  • Easy payments online
  • Air tests and swab testing of furnace media
  • Quick turn around time from a local, professional testing lab
  • No coordinating with the seller or seller’s agent (I do that for you)
  • A detailed report with variations of mold and mold counts emailed directly to you
  • Ability to answer any questions and concerns you may have about mold in your new or existing home
  • I will create a plan for you to follow ranging from immediate steps to long term solutions

Pricing for Mold Testing in Minnesota


Price includes your scheduling, testing, and PDF report

($300 for mold testing  performed with a home inspection)

Important Information to Know About Mold:

  • The threat of mold to your health is dependent upon what type of mold you have inside
  • Mold has been linked to disease, gut issues, depression and immune system dysfunction
  • Mold is microscopic and can be in your home without you realizing it
  • Mycotoxins are a dangerous type of mold that can seriously impact your health and your family’s health
  • Children are most susceptible to mold exposure