Get more information on the SIX areas of a Healthy House

It's a question I hear often: "How can I remove toxins from my house?"  This question has become increasingly popular over time as the toxins in our world have increased.

When you remove toxins from your home, you are preventing the phenomenon: Sick Building Syndrome.  Sick Building Syndrome is used to describe health affects from spending time in a building without any specific illness identified.  In fact, an unhealthy home environment can actually make you and your family sick.  There are several areas that can affect the healthiness of your home's structure and environment.  Unfortunately the art of a healthy home has been somewhat lost through the last few generations of homeowners.  We are now in a position of making our homes LOOK beautiful instead of focusing on the REAL issues.  That's where Healthy House on the Block comes into play: WE WANT TO EMPOWER YOU WITH KNOWLEDGE AND RESOURCES TO CREATE YOUR HEALTHIEST HOME.


Most of us don't realize that we actually spend up to 80% of our time each day INDOORS.  This statistic shows that our indoor environment, or our houses, are truly the building block of a healthy lifestyle.  Making sure the environment you eat in, sleep in and spend most of your time in affects your overall health.  Make sure you know EXACTLY how to create your own healthy house environment.


As you go through each of these sections you will find out how to avoid the ways you can make your home unhealthy.  I will help you answer that question, "How can I remove toxins from my house?"   No matter where you are starting on your healthy house journey, you can get easy-to-understand information to help guide you to owning the HEALTHIEST HOUSE ON THE BLOCK.


How Can I Remove Toxins from My House?