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Why Would a Seller Want a Home Inspection?

Having your home pre-inspected and Move In Certified gives potential buyers a comfort and trust knowing that you are taking an active role and making a forthright gesture in having your home inspected before they walk through it.

Trust is a Big Part of Any Transaction

Every genuine effort you make to build trust with a potential buyer will bring them closer to making the decision to buy YOUR home and property.  While many things will play into a decision, trust about you and the property’s condition is a key element.  My inspection will let a potential buyer know your property is in good shape.  They will feel good about it and that can make all the difference.

Give Peace of Mind

Eliminate the concern potential home buyers can have when they walk through any property.  The Move In Certification allows a much more relaxed perspective on the aspects of living in your property.  It allows the buyer to concentrate on the positive aspects of your home rather than worry about any potential issues that may arise.

Strengthen Your Position

By having an inspection done before selling, you’re prepared for items that may show up during the buyer’s inspection.  You can prevent extended negotiations if the repairs are made ahead of time.  Fewer contingencies in the sales contract will undoubtedly make the closing much smoother.

You will be able negotiate from a much stronger position if you have an inspection report to compare against your buyer’s report.  Often, pre-inspected homes achieve higher sales prices.  In many cases, if your report is provided by a certified inspector, the buyer will see no need to retain their own inspector.

​If I pre-inspect your home, I will always be available to answer questions the prospective buyer may have.