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With a large portion of our population in Minnesota nearing the 60+ stage of their lives before or by 2020, the need for modifying homes has increased.
Many baby boomers  expect to receive care differently than past generations.  Research has shown that they are less likely to move to a congregate living setting, such as a nursing home, and more likely to seek care in their own homes.  In order to do this safely and cost-effectively, an Aging-In-Place Inspection can be performed.
I will help you and make recommended adaptations and minor adjustments to the home to improve accessibility and safety for elderly occupants.  This inspection will not only allow the occupants the independence they need, but will also give family members the peace of mind they need.

What are the Benefits of Aging-In-Place?

  • Maintained independence for anyone over 60 years old
  • Long-term living solution that doesn’t require a lifestyle change
  • Often times more cost effective than assisted living facilities
  • Keep the familiarity and comfort of your own home
  • Stay in the close proximity to family and friends you’ve always had

Is it Time to Move?

While moving from a current home doesn’t mean the need to move to assisted living, it may be time to look at a long-term solution such as one-level living.  When purchasing a new home, an Aging-In-Place Inspection can be done in addition to a standard home inspection at no cost. 

What Changes May be Recommended?

Often times the changes suggested are well in advance of any immediate need.  The goal with an Aging-In-Place Inspection is to be as preventative and ahead-of-the-game as possible.  A few of the changes that we often see are:

  • Raised or top-load washing machine
  • Adjustable showerheads with extended hoses
  • Additional lighting near showers
  • Raised toilet
  • Grab bars in bathrooms
  • Roll-out trays in cabinets
  • Low maintenance exterior and landscaping
  • Anti-scald controls on faucets and water heater
  • Sensor lighting on exterior
  • Easy-to-open windows
  • Placement of task lighting in appropriate work areas
  • And many more items