Green Cleaning Options and Recipes

Green Cleaning Options can Change Your Home’s Environment

If you're here, then it's safe to say you want to keep your home safe, clean and healthy.  But using the standard cleaning products has become an unsafe norm that we pollute our own air with.  We now know the health affects that harsh cleaning chemicals have on us and on our children.


There is a healthier way to clean your house with easy to find and easy to make green cleaning options.


I will help you find a holistic, green cleaning approach  that will keep you home clean from dirt and germs, but give you peace of mind knowing you aren't polluting the precious air you breathe.  My recipe book will delve into the health affects cleaning products have on your health and how you can utilize natural store-bought and homemade products to maintain a clean but healthy home.


Constant exposure to chemicals in cleaning products can result in chemical sensitivity.  Green cleaning products are readily available in stores and online, but you can also make your own at home with just a few inexpensive ingredients.  But we will also warn you that there are companies who have created misleading green cleaning products (hello, greenwashing) that are NOT actually safe for your family.  We can point you to the BEST websites and resources to determine if your favorite products are in fact green cleaning products.




We will show you how to change over to green cleaning in your home

What you can expect from our Healthy Cleaning & Toxin Free Living Course (coming later this year):

  • - In-depth guide on the chemical cleaners we typically use in our homes
  • - Extensive assessment worksheet to score your home's cleaning health
  • - E-book with cleaning replacements, solutions and recipes to keep your home healthy and clean
  • - Step by Step instructions on how to safely remove chemicals, germs and dirt from your home
  • - Interviews with Holistic Cleaning Professionals
  • - How-to Videos to safely clean your home with natural products
  • - Virtual Access to Cleaning Professionals who use a holistic approach
  • - Cleaning calendars to help maintain your home
  • - List of store-bought products that are safe for your family to use