Do you know what’s in your air?

The average person spend 80% - 90% of their day indoors......

And many of us have NO idea what is in the air we are breathing.


Experts have come to the conclusion that indoor air is actually MORE polluted and toxic than air outdoors.  And here we are spending most of our day breathing it in, filling our lungs and eventually our blood stream with toxins.


Do you know what's in your air at home or work?

Now you can know with Foobot Indoor Air Quality Monitor.

What is Foobot?

Foobot is the first connected indoor air quality monitor, keeping track of the air around you, measuring the temperature, humidity, carbon dioxide, toxic chemicals (VOCs), and harmful particulates (PM2.5). Its elegant LEDs offer a quick snapshot of your current air quality. By using the smartphone app, you can see details for each pollutant in the air for a given space.

The App will show you how your air quality evolves over time depending on your activities, which is key to help you understand how to improve your air quality, in addition to the tips provided in the app itself. It's a snap to set up, with no hassle or complicated wiring, and it helps translate powerful, sophisticated data into language you can easily understand.

Not just a monitor, Foobot recently evolved to leverage home automation to fix your air quality automatically, ensuring your air at home is always free of pollutants. Fully integrated with the Nest and Ecobee connected thermostats and more thru IFTTT, it allows you to trigger your ventilation or purification systems based on indoor pollution levels, thus making a complete wellness system for your home.


Features of Foobot

Know all about your home pollutants Foobot helps you notice when a specific pollutant rises, such particulates or harmful gases like formaldehyde. With real time data, you can adapt your behavior accordingly, by renewing/purifying the air when necessary. And by seeing past pollution events, you can understand the sources of pollution in your home, like toxic detergents, and remove them. Trigger other devices automatically A unique innovation, Foobot works with Nest and Ecobee Thermostats to control air renewal rate.

By boosting airflow whenever your home is full of pollutants, Foobot ensures you breathe a fresh air at all times. It also works with many other devices via IFTTT. Track outdoor pollution, too Our App is evolving at a fast pace. Recently we released a few features, like a geolocated score for outdoor pollution. Down to the street level, discover if the air is clean outdoors, and see how indoor and outdoor air interact (or not). Air quality matters. Foobot makes it slightly exciting


Product Key points:

● Classy LED lights on the device give you instant air quality reading.

● Tracks harmful pollutants in real-time AND over time: VOCs, PM2.5, and also CO2 (derived from VOC), Temperature, Humidity

● Smart Home automations: Foobot can trigger other smart devices (lights, ventilation, air purifier) when pollutants rise

● Works with Nest, Ecobee, Lux, Honeywell connected thermostats, and more with IFTTT

● Can now be voice-controlled by Amazon Echo ● Tracks outdoor pollution too

● One of the rare home air quality meter showing all your data over time, since day 1

● Multi-room monitoring ● Actionable tips to improve your indoor air quality

● Fast email support available 16 hours a day from Monday to Friday (

● Free apps for iOS (8 or later) and Android (4 or later) - Compatible with WiFi 2.4GHz